Aerobic Septic Maintenance

Sustainable Aerobic Solutions for Home or Business

Expert Aerobic Septic Tank System Maintenance

The Flush team are OSSF (On-site Septic System Facility) septic system maintenance experts. We service and maintain a wide selection of aerobic treatment systems and community wastewater treatment plants.

A well-functioning aerobic septic system keeps your home or business running smoothly, keeps your family or employees healthy and protects our environment. Every septic tank needs to be monitored, maintained according to regulatory codes or pumped periodically because all wastewater contains inert matter that cannot be degraded in the tank.

Aerobic Septic Maintenance

Mandated Aerobic Monitoring Agreement

Flush offers aerobic monitoring agreements to maintain your aerobic septic system and report to health departments to maintain compliance with all health regulations. Our service professionals are equipped with the experience and tools to make repairs and ensure your system is functionally properly.

What is an aerobic monitoring agreement, and why are these contracts required by state, city and county authorities?

An aerobic monitoring contract is a contract between a septic owner and a licensed maintainer to regularly inspect the aerobic septic system.

  • Inspections are to prevent the public health risk posed by a malfunctioning system.
  • Reports are given to the septic owner and filed with the regulating authority.
  • They are required by law by some Texas cities and counties.
  • They can also help prevent costly repairs.

Commercial Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Flush is proud to offer a full range of services for commercial septic systems. We specialize in maintenance and repair of wastewater treatment plants and can handle EPA reporting on your behalf. We also work with many municipalities and commercial businesses to service,  repair and maintain lift stations and wet wells. Flush is available to make sure your commercial system is operating efficiently.

Commercial Aerobic Septic System Maintenance

Multi-Unit Building Boom

Community or central aerobic septic systems are a great benefit to builders and the growing rural multi-unit apartment or light industrial business parks, creating significant opportunities to create higher-density developments with less environmental impacts and more open space preservation.

“Aerobic septic systems are one of the most complex and advanced systems for treating waste, with maintenance subject to a Texas Healthy & Safety Code” (30 TAC S285).

How does an Aerobic Septic System work?

An aerobic septic system or aerobic treatment system is a system that uses mechanical components to treat the sewage and discharge the treated sewage into the absorption area. It uses aerobic bacteria that need to be pumped air to survive. The aerobic septic system injects oxygen (O2) inside the processing tank. The extra O2 increases the natural bacterial activity in the system and ensures further nutrient processing in the sewage.  

Some aerobic systems may also contain a pre-treatment tank and a final treatment tank that includes disinfection to additional lower pathogen levels (3 tank Aerobic Septic System).

How does an Aerobic Septic System work?

In a typical 3 tank Aerobic Septic System…

  • The 1st tank is the Trash Tank (pretreatment tank) which holds the solid waste.
  • The 2nd tank is the Aeration Tank (treatment tank) which cleans the liquid effluent up to codes & standards.
  • The 3rd tank is the Pump Tank. The pump is housed 12″ from the bottom of the tank. It is recommended to pump out & clean your system when we measure 8″-10″ of sludge.

This system has the advantage that it may use for houses with poor soil conditions and narrow portions, for areas with too high a water table, or houses near the surface water because these houses are sensitive to contamination from nutrients comprised in sewage. Aerobic treatment unit (ATU) will require regular maintenance for the rest of your life.

Aerobic Septic System Parts & Supplies

As a professional maintenance service provider, Flush offers a variety of Aerobic System Parts

  • 20-gallons per minute water pumps: Franklin Electric Little GIANT
  • Air compressor: HiBlow
  • Sprinkler heads: K-Rain, Hunter
  • Floats: SJE rhombus
  • Control panel parts: timers, switches, life bulbs, air sensors
  • Breakers (for change out risers, 4 sizes): Tuf-Tite
  • Lids: Tuf-tite
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