Marine Septic

Sustainable Solutions for America’s Ports

Marine Port Services

The Flush team have experience working in some of America’s largest ports, providing ship-generated waste management services. We understand the marine industry and have the safety and service history to deliver septic service to our marine clients in a timely and efficient manner.

Marine Septic

Our dock-based, 24/7 marine port history began in the 1990’s by serving cruise ships who needed septic waste removed from their holding tanks. Soon, marine agents spread the word and we received numerous calls from “blue water ships” (the name assigned to large ships that cross the planet) to remove both septic and oil-based liquid waste.

Protecting Our Oceans

Our Flush service enhances the protection of the marine environment. The discharge of ship-generated raw sewage (septic) into the sea can create a health hazard. Sewage can also lead to oxygen depletion and can be an obvious visual pollution in coastal areas – a major problem for countries with tourist industries. The main sources of human-produced sewage are land-based – such as municipal sewers or treatment plants. However, the discharge of sewage (septic) into the sea from ships also contributes to marine pollution.